The Hawkins Youth Theatre Company was formed in February 2012 and is dedicated to nurturing the youth within our local community by providing them with a platform to develop their stagecraft, build their confidence, and expand their knowledge of theatre and performance in a safe, supportive, and collaborative environment.


The company is open to all 8 to 18 year olds, and consist of three groups which are dependent on what year they are in at school:-

Juniors (School year 4 - 6)

Intermediate (School year 7 & 8)

Seniors (School year 9 - 13)

Our weekly Wednesday classes have a duration of 60 minutes and are held at the Hawkins Theatre (some workshops may be held at an alternative Papakura venue when the theatre is in use.)

Fees are $120 per school term or $400 per year.



- Increased levels of confidence and self-esteem
- A more developed sense of personal and group identity
- A sense of belonging
- Increased self-discipline and commitment
- Improved abilities to articulate & express feelings and opinions
- A sense of happiness, fun and well-being
- Increased levels of activity
- A sense of personal and group achievement
- Increased ability to take risks and be spontaneous within a safe environment


2022 Term Timetable
Junior Class - 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Intermediate Class - 4:45pm - 5:45pm
Senior Class - 6:00pm - 7:00pm 

Term One
9 Feb - 13 Apr 2022

Term Two

4 May - 6 Jul 2022

Term Three
27 Jul - 28 Sep 2022

Term Four
19 Oct - 14 Dec 2022


Click HERE to download our 2022 Youth Theatre Company Brochure.


Our past productions:

2012 - Albert Lamorisse's The Red Balloon

2013 - Abigail Docherty's One Thousand Paper Cranes. 

2014 - The Cohort Hotel, which was written by one of our very own company members! 

2015 - 'How the Kiwibird Lost Its' Wings' which was based on the Maori myth. This was a collaborated with our senior citizens and our junior theatre group to create an original show. Later that year the intermediate & senior groups performed in David McPhail's 'Grimm Stories' which provided a kiwi spin on some classic fairy tales.

2016 - Our junior class brought 'Moa's Arch' to life while the Intermediates and Seniors performed our very first devised show call 'Memories That Time Forgot' directed by Ahi Karunaharan and Te-One Matthews.

2017 - The juniors performed Dr Seuss's 'The Lorax' while the intermediates and seniors performed 'Wide Awake' by New Zealander Mike Hudson which won 'Plays For The Young 2014' in the 8-12 year old category.

2018 - The first performance was a collaboration with the Papakura Museum. 'Homefront' was a performance response piece to the 2018 Papakura Museum exhibition HOME FRONT. Next came 'Goldilock's On Trial' - a follow on from the beloved children's book 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' where Goldilocks was on trial for breaking and entering. 

2019 - Our youth theatre brought 3 shows to the stage - 'We'll Be Better Later' by our seniors, 'Bugsy Malone' by our intermediates and 'Aladdin' by our juniors. 

2020/2021 - Sadly due to Covid19 our youth theatre students weren't able to put on any productions.


We are all hoping for a better 2022!!